Friday, May 16, 2014

                     Two Point Perspective

          This project involved drawing a picture of a house using the horizon line and two points placed on the line as your guide. To create a two-point perspective, one must connect all angles of the house to one of the two points. Using this skill will construct a more realistic picture.


(B) This is a completed house.




(D) This example shows the lines connecting to the points of perspective.

           Value Studies

            In this project we used shading, crosshatching, and stippling to give our sketches dimension and a more realistic feel. We used patterns/shadows to portray where the object was exposed to light and reflections of light. My class was given about two weeks to complete this project. Each group (approximately 3-4 students) was given some generic objects: fake fruit, some type of a box, a golf ball, a cone shaped object, a can or paper towels. Each group then proceeded to angle a shadeless lamp towards their object setup. They had to sketch the same scene on three separate pieces of paper and used a different form of pattern to express the value.





(E) This is a great example of value studies. You can see the section of the paper towel where it is translucent and where it is the darkest.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

More beautiful vector graphics from Leah Edwards

Big Thank you to Alta Ceramics for sharing your lesson on line - We had a blast creating textured slab animal masks!

...and Jodi thought she wasn't artistic!

Come back to Art classes, Avery!

Ceramic turtle mount by Janina

Maha made a bear

Come back to Art classes, Avery!

Drawing class and the Major Still-life project

A pancake bearing leaf-ferry - A unique character from a very original imagination and dedicated artist!

Don't forget to take me with you, Bradley Rose!

Hurray Hurray, for Natalie Millay!

"M" for "Mew!" Template cup

Art Club painting our new Spring 2014 mural

Jalynn shows off excellent brush-loading skills.

Oil Painting from the class still-life

Come see the Art Show!!

Digital Arts students excited about our School Play!

Nice texture, China!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Oops - Alway plan ahead for peer editing!

After a late night completing this poster, it was printed last minute for an assembly, and - alas - There is a typo! I cannot stress enough how often this happens. Never assume printing diital art is simply pressing the button at the last moment, and never send out a work as "finished for print" before having it proofed by a few peers! Here is the new edition - Can you spot the mistake?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

In the excitment of planning for Elizabeth Peratrovich Day at TMHS...

Our Cultural Specialist, John Smith sent this copy of Elizabeth Peratrovich's speech and photo to Ms. Ridgway so we could have a poster commemorating the occasion!

Even Ms. Ridgway is improving in her use of Illustrator and Photoshop.
Celebrate with us! Come hear the many guest speakers and honorary guests, February 10th all afternoon in our auditorium.