Monday, October 31, 2011

sighting perspective

We used a clear plastic picture frame to help us determine our composition. We learned to use our pencil to "dial-up" the angles, comparing them to the horizontal and vertical frame lines. Sometimes our mind insists angles work differently, according to what we think we know about shape and form (especially parallel geometric forms). Practicing sighting angles with a picture plane helps us learn to trust our eye over our mind for better 3D realism. 

We also learned to use our pencil or even a ruler, with our arm fully extended and one eye closed, to measure the proportions of things on our picture plane against a "basic unit." "If one edge of the furthest ceiling tile is as long as my pencil's eraser, how many ceiling tile-units, or reaser-units long is the window as it comes out of the corner...?" In this way, as the size of things change in their proximity to us, we can keep things roughly in proportion. 

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